The Chicken & The Egg

Everyone knows the whole controversy about the Chicken and the Egg…which came first? Well, I am starting to feel that way about the current resurgence of the Women’s Movement.  First let me say, I am a Woman, I believe that Women should be treated as equals to men, and I want more Women in the working world in general and especially in leadership positions…because they WANT to be there.

You keep hearing influential people in the world say – – We need more women at the head of the table and in the board the white the Fortune 500...

I agree…to an extent.

It is not good enough to just get a ‘Woman’ in those positions.  And in all honesty, it could be the worst thing ever!  That is, if the wrong women, for the wrong reason gets there.

That’s why I feel the Women’s Movement is like the Chicken & the Egg issue.

Which comes first?  The Woman who is motivated to get that corner office?  Or the Woman that is in the corner office, therefore inspiring other’s to achieve just that.

It’s not just women either.  I see it in men.  I have seen time, and time again – where a man was promoted to the head of the table not based on his drive to be there, but for political and sometimes just because it would look good to have that guy there…and it blows up in his face.

So, I guess what I am saying is this.  I am a woman, a working woman, a working woman with aspirations.  I don’t want to become a cause.  I don’t want to become a project.  I do not want to be the recipient of pity…no matter how good intentioned that pity is.

I want to know I got to where I am because I worked for it.  Because I refused to give up.  Because I earned it.  Not because I was the recipient of someones intentions of trying to fill a hole, look like they are on board with the latest trend, or because it makes them feel good to be able to say…LOOK HERE – we have a woman leading!

So as appreciative as I am for the book Lean-In (and I have read it more than once), and as inspirational it is (and believe me it is inspiration and motivating),  I feel that others are starting down a path I do not wish to be a part of.  I do not want this to turn into a trend, a bandwagon, a contrived podium for people to scream LOOK AT ME!

I want this to be about tapping into those individuals, those women who are hungry to improve, eager to learn, inspired to lead because of what it does to them, for the things they care about, and for others.  Not because they are out to prove women can.

We know women can…we know this because…

Catherine II

Cleopatra VII

Geraldine Ferraro

Indira Gandhi

Margaret Thatcher

And take your pick from the following Forbes list.  The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women

For each of these, you have many more women who have worked under them.

I want to be known as the woman who got it done, because it had to be done…not because I had to prove it could be done by a woman…I already know that.  Give me something else!

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